VFA offers software solutions that assist organizations in strategic facilities capital planning and management.

VFA.facility® software enables organizations to both manage information about facility assets and leverage that information in the creation of capital projects, plans and budgets.

VFA FacilityView unlocks the value of VFA.facility data for the stakeholders you choose, providing quick and secure access to key information about your real estate portfolio, delivered to a desktop or mobile tablet.

VFA Site Linear Module extends the power of VFA Software to address the unique needs of linear and infrastructure assets – assets such as steam, water, electrical distribution systems, sanitary and storm sewers, parking lots, pedestrian paving and more.

VFA.auditor® for facility condition self-assessments is a powerful guided self-assessment solution that allows organizations to perform their own condition assessments using either VFA.auditor Mobile™ running on mobile tablets or paper-based surveys.

VFA.spendManager® enables organizations to manage the entire capital spending process, streamlining capital budget creation, requisition processing, purchasing and reconciliation of expenditures.

AssetFusion® enables the integration of data from VFA.facility with a variety of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), providing a facility management and capital planning solution that integrates work order, inventory, procurement and service management.

VFA provides a range of software services to assist organizations in customizing their solution to meet unique requirements, and integrating with other enterprise applications.